In 10 years: WHS seniors take a look into the crystal ball

I see myself doing post- doctoral research work at an elite school. Depending on where my interests take me, this work will either be economics-centered or will have something to do with pure math. I hope to stay in academia; a weird wish, I know, but it’s something that really appeals to me. 

— Andre Gellerman

I see myself, rich, married, and a successful pharmacist.

— Toula Papadopoulos

I see myself being a teacher.

— Ashley Smith

I see myself as a medical school graduate, serving as a resident until I can become a fully licensed orthopedic surgeon. It is a relatively long process, that of becoming a doctor, and in 10 years I will be in the midst of this process. I enjoy the field of medicine and hopefully this process will be worthwhile. I will be able to help people, a passion of mine, serve the community, and make loads of money doing it.

— Trace Dodge

I see myself still in Watertown, and hopefully with a job in science.

— Arsen Patvakanian

I see myself performing music.

— Caillie Hughes

I see myself hanging out at the Charles River docks.

— James Garbier

I will either be training to be an underwater basket-weaver in Mexico or touring the best skiing resorts in the world.

— Cody Hecht

I see myself not in school, growing out a beautiful mane, and bringing back ’80s hair metal.

— Patrick Dawson

I have no idea what life will be like for me in 10 years, and I’m OK with that. Maybe I’ll be in a lab or something.

— Alice Elbakian

I see myself as a vet tech.

— Jacqui Russo

I see myself as a doctor in a hospital, helping anyone who needs help with a diverse and elite group of colleagues and employees. I also see myself married, with a child on the way, living in a small house with a Cadillac.

— Daniel Shin

I see myself trying to figure out what to do with my life.

— Adrine Harutyunyan

–June 2, 2014–