FemCo gaining a dedicated following at Watertown High


Raider Times photo / Michelle Vinnik

The Feminist Coalition at Watertown High School meets every other Wednesday at 7:50 a.m.

Michelle Vinnik, Raider Times staff

The FemCo club is quickly attracting Watertown High students interested in learning about real-world events relating to feminism.

Originally known as the Feminist Coalition, FemCo is a supportive, judgment-free zone open to all students of any identity. Currently the faculty advisor is science teacher Elizabeth Mundy, who is accompanied by student leaders Cece Maillis, Mia Sarmiento, and Paige King. The club had been running for about 5-6 years, then had a two-year COVID break, and Sabrina Lopez brought back the club a year or two ago.

The club meets every other Wednesday at 7:50 a.m. before school, and the room has plenty of students involved, about 10-20 attending each meeting. The students vary, and some students even participate in the drives without joining the club itself.

Ms. Mundy explained how the club was very discussion-based, so a student can walk into a meeting full of great ideas, or perhaps just to listen along.

“We try to donate to local charities. We do one or two feminine hygiene product drives every year, though we are looking into changing the language surrounding it,” she explained. “This year, we want to help increase accessibility to period products in our school bathrooms.”

The club does a lot to help support feminism in the community by spreading awareness, having drives, and organizing fundraisers. The student leaders, Cece, Mia, and Paige, are very involved as well. The three work together to find things to talk about in future meetings and to plan snacks.

In her third year of the club, Cece explained, “In terms of commitment, FemCo is very low key. Meetings aren’t mandatory at all and it’s more of a space to just talk about feminine issues and plan actions towards those issues. It’s not very hard to balance the club planning and school work.”

She also mentioned how feminine hygiene products are donated to local women’s shelters as need arises. Mia has been dedicated to the club as well.

“I’ve been at the club since I was a junior,” she said. “I thought about it in previous years but didn’t think I would have the time. I committed to doing clubs my junior year because
I wanted to get more involved with the school. I think as an underclassman you feel afraid to join clubs.”

Mia also explained how there is a bunch of organizing needed for the club, but luckily Mrs. Mundy is amazing with coordinating and guiding the leaders for the club. All in all, FemCo is a popular club for anybody who has interest in spreading awareness for feminism, being in a comfortable, welcoming environment, and a willingness to just chill out with friends while bringing discussions to the table.

New members are always welcome for whoever wants can join.

–Dec. 3, 2022–