‘Lord of the Flies’ told in Haiku


Raider Times photo / Maud Neeley / Word Painter

Art By Maud Neeley

A thick cloud of smoke

Pours from the plane as it falls

But where are we now?

–Ava Hayward

Hunting for some meat

On all fours following tracks

The spear just misses.

–Mason Poillucci

Look! There is a pig.

It has a lot of lush meat.

Meat for everyone!

–Abbas Khan

We are the real beast

That is what I tried to say

Yet I appear Insane.

–Israela Journette

Ouch! Where are my specs?

Jack hits Piggy with anger. 

That was a cheap shot.

–Roy Nicholas

Dangerous creatures

Roaming the island.  Who’s there?

Your enemy… me.

–Mairead Connolly

Group in disorder.

How will we leave the island?

Is there a beast here?

–Vinny Schwenck

A crushing circle

Simon stumbles into it

And pays with his life.

–Dylan Francione

Jack and Ralph square off

A boulder rips through the air

Piggy’s specs shattered.

–Alicia Karunarate