Remembered By A Numeral

Dark shadows cast by the trees overhead,

Whispers in the wind.

The only person known to me conversing about an infamous serial killer.

After trekking on the beaten path, we enter an open field, a deathland marked by 



Who lies here? What killed them? Would they feel disrespected if they knew they would only be     

Remembered by a numeral?

At the center of the field is a large cement cube topped with a statue of Christ and rosary beads, 

Miscellaneous objects such as coins and keys.

Why leave something so precious in such a desolate ambiance?

Alas, it’s too late now. They surely were cursed already if they even got ou alive.

Chills traveled down my spine like a waterfall of fright, 

And I gave into the inescapable urge to get out of that forsaken place.

And then,

     As I was escaping,



Who was responsible? 

Was it a demon from Hell who cast a spell 

Or a human stuck in a world of hurt,

Comforted by destruction?


(Published November 2022)