GrubStreet Boston providing creative outlet to budding writers

Anya Gellerman, Raider Times staff

Has writing been your passion for years? Do you like to write in your free time? Maybe you just want to widen your horizons and try something new.

GrubStreet, located near Boston Common, offers classes that are perfect for longtime, dedicated writers, but are also great for those who are just starting out. Once a month, on Saturdays, they offer free teen classes in the Young Adult Writers Program (YAWP) that focus on a variety of genres. One class may work on slam poetry while another is busy writing up sci-fi stories. 

Listening to other people’s work may inspire you when you go to write your own pieces.”

The classes are low commitment, requiring no outside work, simply a few hours of your time, and don’t cost a dime! Some writers only attend one class, others make it a monthly ritual to attend classes each month.

If you end up falling in love with GrubStreet and the community of talented writers and teachers, they offer weeklong classes over school breaks and summer, as well and six-week classes that meet once a week. For writers who may live not quite as nearby to the Boston area, GrubStreet offers online classes.

One of the best things about GrubStreet’s YAWP is the environment that is created when teens with passion and interest gather up and get their ideas flowing. Though it is great to share work and to listen to what others have come up with, there is never any pressure. Listening to other people’s work may inspire you when you go to write your own pieces.

Sometimes, there are readings chosen by the teacher that the class will use as an example for the next activity. Writers are kept busy throughout the duration of the workshop and are always encouraged to continue writing, even after the workshop ends.

The workshops are such a great resource to have offered to young adults and it makes it all the better that they come at no cost. If you are interest in writing, the opportunity is there for the taking. Make sure to sign up early on GrubStreet’s website, the classes fill up quickly!

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–Jan. 28, 2016–