Amazing CGI the star of Disney’s “Jungle Book”


Raider Times photo / Disney Enterprises, Inc.

Mowgli meets King Louie, one of the many amazing CGI creations in Disney’s new version of “The Jungle Book”.

Jaylene DeJesus, Raider Times staff

You are a man when you can control the red flower.

Disney’s “The Jungle Book” follows Mowgli the man cub, who has been raised from birth by a wolf pack. He knows nothing other than the jungle. But when a tiger named Shere Khan is after him, there is no choice but to bring him back to the man village. His guide is a serious panther and a fun-loving bear. During his journey, he meets a lot of different jungle animals.

The new movie is not a cartoon like the 1967 version, but a mix of live action and special effects. The CGI is done very well. There are only a few moments where you can tell the characters were animated. The live-action scenes still look amazing when the CGI characters are interacting with Mowgli. The filmmakers are able to give them a realistic look and still are able to make some look cute and adorable.

It works really well with the plot because the “good animals” looks more friendly — for example, Bagheera looks kind — but Shere looks more menacing. Although the sizes of the characters seem off, like they are too large compared with Mowgli, as the plot continues the sizing improves.

One thing that is slightly disappointing is that during “Bare Necessities,” Baloo doesn’t scratch his back on the tree like in the original. Although other scenes did make up for it, it is still a little sad.

The movie itself is simply amazing. It is done very well and, with a few slight changes, stays pretty close to the original movie. The acting is phenomenal.

If you are thinking about seeing it in 3D, one of the only times it is really useful is in exaggerating the few jump scares.

The movie is good for any age, and the story really is timeless. Certain parts may be scary for younger viewers — like the fight scenes — but overall it is good for all ages.

If you like the original “The Jungle Book,” you will like this movie. People of many ages will enjoy this.

–April 15, 2016–