‘Wonder Woman’ is easily the greatest of them all

Raider Times photo / courtesy Clay Enos / DC Comics
Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) is simply the most powerful person on screen -- and the movie is much better for it.

Elijah Levy, Raider Times staff

“Wonder Woman” is easily, without a doubt, the greatest superhero/comic book film of all time.

Absolutely everything in this movie exceeds perfection. This is the first live-action theatrical adaptation of Wonder Woman, who has existed for 76 years. It follows the origins of Diana Prince (Wonder Woman), as she navigates through the world of World War I. 

This is the movie that will finally save the DC Cinematic Universe (DCCU) from its messy streak. The previous three movies, “Man of Steel,” “Batman v. Superman,” and “Suicide Squad” are movies that vary from OK to absolute filth with the only redeeming quality being the performances and, ironically, Wonder Woman’s appearance in “Batman v. Superman.” For many, this is the make-or-break moment for the entire DCCU.

The action in this film is superb, nothing out of hand just simply enjoyable and entertaining. This is due to the amazing cinematography and camera work, which manages to make you feel as if somehow everything you were seeing could be grounded in reality.

The story is also perfect. It manages to focus on the character at hand instead of deploying constant tongue-in-cheek references to other heroes. This is something that seems to be lacking in comic book movies nowadays, with constant references and cameos of other characters and events, which at this point feels really tedious.

The story manages to keep its edge while delivering humor with its sharp wit and serious political commentary without feeling as if it’s constantly pointing the finger to “certain people,” mainly due to the story being set almost a century ago.

The acting is amazing, Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman) and Chris Pine (Steve Trevor) are a perfect duo who constantly play off of each other. Gadot’s performance brings the perfect blend of edge and valor. Pine brings the perfect blend of humor and earnestness, while knowing when to take the back seat to let Gadot shine.

The pacing is what brings everything together. The movie never lingers on any scene, it uses it to its maximum potential, then moves on. Even though the movie is 2 hours 21 minutes, there was never a moment where I started to doze off or feel any sense of boredom. When the movie ended, I felt satisfied, which sadly is a feeling I haven’t really been getting with a lot of the newer superhero movies.

The only bad thing I have to say is that there was some shoddy background CGI every now and then, but it was always in shots that lasted two seconds. I really had to nitpick to find this, I’ve been looking for a problem for the past 24 hours and this is all I could get.

It is rated PG-13, but it is definitely appropriate for everyone, although there should be some discretion as the plot deals with war and the dreadful casualties that come with it. There is also a short scene that features slightly tasteful adult humor, which will legitimately fly over the heads of the younger viewers.

The best thing about this movie is something that surpasses the movie itself. While I was seated waiting for this movie to begin. I looked around and I saw something that legitimately brought tears to my eyes. (This happened multiple times throughout the film, to be honest). I looked around and I saw women, their faces glowing with cheer. It hit me that this is an event that means so much. This is the first time females can identify with a superhero on the big screen. And in a time in which almost everyone feels a little smaller, a movie like this means a lot.

Raider Times photo / Courtesy Clay Enos / DC Comics
Gal Gadot takes the lead in “Wonder Woman,” with some strong support from Chris Pine (left).

The movie makes Wonder Woman the hero she is, not by putting down everyone else around her, but instead just by making her the most powerful person on screen — which I thought was an amazing way to go about this. But even past this, the movie had a recurring theme about humanity and unity. There is even a scene with beautiful dialogue about humanity and its flaws that managed to be really thought provoking without coming off as pretentious. I feel as if I cannot do this movie and its impact, both on me and others, any justice.

I want everyone, to experience this movie. It is one of the most perfect films I’ve ever had the privilege of viewing. This is the best example of how an origin story, or any superhero movie, should be done.

I’m failing to find any reasonable flaws. Wonder Woman was the best experience I’ve ever had with a movie.

Raider Times photo / courtesy Clay Enos / DC Comics
Gal Gadot stars in “Wonder Woman,” which benefits from its being set during World War I.
Raider Times photo / courtesy Warner Bros. Entertainment
In “Wonder Woman,” Gal Gadot (left as Diana Prince / Wonder Woman) and Chris Pine (Steve Trevor) have perfect chemistry.
Raider Times photo / courtesy Clay Enos / DC Comics
Gal Gadot stars as Diana Prince and the hero “Wonder Woman.”

–June 2, 2017–