The Arrival of iPhone5

The new, slimmer, and fancier iPhone 5.

Raider Times photo / Photo by Anthony Russo

The new, slimmer, and fancier iPhone 5.

Everyone knows about those lines that wind around the Apple stores while customers wait for Apple’s newest release. The iPhone 5 has just made its debut and has instantly become one of the most desirable new gifts of the season, ranging between $199-$399.

Many wonder what the major differences are between the iPhone 4s and the iPhone 5s, but with the larger screen and advanced new features, some people are desperate to get their hands on it.

The new iPhone has recently taken center stage of Apple’s website, and when selected, the website gives you a play-by-play of all the improvements made and its new add-ins. Siri, the electronic secretary, first introduced in the iPhone 4s, now can understand a range of thick accents, all the way to making reservations for a dinner for two at your favorite restaurant.

Apple’s engineers didn’t only focus on the phone’s advancements but its accessories as well. The ear buds have been molded to the exact contour of the human ear, making them durable to wear for longer periods of time.

“I can listen to music for hours, without wanting to rip my ears off,” exclaimed senior Anthony Russo.

At only 112g, it’s thin enough to fit in your pocket with ease, making it more convenient for owners to carry around without feeling a burden.

For photographers, the camera’s quality has always been a plus for iPhone users. The iPhones have a four-inch advanced retina display and two high-powered 29MP cameras for more precise snapshots.

The new iPhone has definitely taken a step-up from previous phones, and during the holiday season the prices can’t be beat. Take it in to consideration when writing your wish list to Santa.