It’s safe to say that Teddy DiSciscio’s here to help


Theodore DiSciscio, adjustment counselor at Watertown High School, in his office.

Nabila Abenaou, Raider Times staff

Theodore DiSciscio; an adjustment counselor at Watertown High during school hours; Father, cook, and a book reader outside of school. In school, he goes by Teddy.

Teddy drew up in Waltham, went to UMass, and studied mental health. He has one son and loves to spend time with him. When asked him how often he tries to spend time with his son, and he said, “Every chance.”

When people feel listened to, they start to make good changes throughout their lives. What I preach, I also want to learn from.


In addition, he he will be out in May due to a baby coming along, which he said is a pretty important aspect of his life. 

“My personal life has somewhat to do with my professional life,” said Teddy.

Teddy’s job here at Watertown High School is very important – mostly for students.

“I see my role as support students in need,” he said.

For example, he helps students suffering from mental health problems or stress. He said, “The core of what [he does]” is help students, so they can be “successful, happy students.” He mentioned that some 30 to 50 kids come to visit him yearly. Students who come to see him are students who’ve dealt with problems during the pandemic, stress issues with school, and students who deal with misuse. He feels like his job is to help students make good changes throughout their lives.

“When people feel listened to, they start to make good changes throughout their lives,” he says. “What I preach, I also want to learn from.” 

Outside of school, he also likes to cook for his family.

“I like to cook mostly pizza,” he said, “but if not pizza, then Indian food.”

Teddy said his favorite pizza place is Santarpio’s Pizza in East Boston. He also mentioned how he is currently listening to an audiobook called “The Body Keeps the Score” by Bessel van der Kolk. He said how he loves to read poems. His favorite author is Jack Kerouac.

“Highly recommended,” Teddy said of Kerouac.

He also loves cinema. When asked what his favorite movie is and he mentioned “2001: A Space Odyssey.” He mentioned the most important part of cinema is photography – and who could disagree? That’s what makes a great movie!

What made him fall in love with this movie is the beginning scene. If you know the movie, you know it starts with a monkey dreaming with animal bones against the ground. It might seem or sound weird, but he says that’s the best part of the movie. 

During the interview, it was hard but notice all the decor Teddy has in his room.

“I want students to feel safe,” he said.

In the right corner of his room was a dim light, and Christmas lights hanging around the window. The colors red, blue, yellow, and green also added a great touch to the room. When asked what he was kind of going for in choices in decor, and he said, “Safe space mood.” 

The room does say a lot about Teddy. He has a lot of owl feathers near his window, and photos of birds hung on the wall.

“I like the feeling of nature, such as birds,” he said. “Birds can see into the future.”

Teddy’s room was relaxing, and it felt like a very safe room. I would like to say that his room felt like the safest room in the whole school building. 

–April 14, 2022–