Best Friends Forever….as Long as the Hair Dye Lasts

Remember when you and your friends would make friendship bracelets to pass the time? Well, put the string away and say hello to a new trend that is sweeping Watertown High’s hallways. It’s the colored hair trend! Personally I can’t turn a corner, not to mention look in the mirror, without seeing some burst of color in someone’s hair.

I am sure many of you are wondering, why color your hair at all? Well how about this; because this new trend is just a fun way to pass time with your best buds and it’s extremely easy to put in your hair. Also the product (hair dye) is inexpensive to purchase! A bottle of Splat Hair dye, which washes off onto your natural hair color, if you opt not to bleach your hair, is only $10 at your local Walgreens.

Another popular and even more inexpensive hair dying method is “Kool-Aiding,” which consists of boiling water, pouring powered Kool-Aid into the water, and dipping the desired pieces of your hair into the mixture. For example, using red Kool-Aid will give your hair a red/pink color, which will in time fade away.

If this is a trend you have always wanted to do, then I recommend you take a chance and try it. Freshmen Neli Balian stated, “I was bored with my hair color and I had always thought about coloring it, so I did!” Also adding that when she did finally receive her mother’s permission to color her hair, it came out great and “just the way I wanted it to.”  Senior Jordan Terhune, who also colored her hair, said if you’re thinking about coloring your hair, “you should do it while you’re still young.”

But don’t let age stop you from deciding if you should or not. Turn on to Enews’s Fashion Police where you can even see 79 year-old comedian/television personality Joan Rivers rocking a streak of color in her hair alongside with one of her coworkers, 27 year-old Kelly Osbourne, who also has dabbled at the trend herself by dying her hair completely purple.

Overall, this is something that can be done by anyone at any age. As someone who has also sported this trend, I can say that it’s both a liberating and creative experience for not just your hair, but yourself!