What Does Student Government Do?

Does a school government really have a say in what goes on in the school?

What about school events, who decides on the events that happen?

At the beginning of a new school year, it’s time to choose the student government. There are not a lot of new students who run for student council, the majority of the students are running again. This is the time now when people who are interested in being a part of the student government to make changes, and to have their voices heard, and give their speeches to the rest of the student body. These speeches usually inform us about what they believe needs to be changed or improved and how they are going to accomplish this goal.

The student council has a say in “ whatever they want,” said by Headmaster Watson. The student government ideas do not have an immedaite effect on the student body, but their plans can have an effect on the school. Two years ago the student council had ideas to change some school rules, like allowing hats in school and using electronics during lunch and in the hallway.

Once the ideas are organized they have to go through the School Committee before thay can become a school rule. The pep rally and school dances are some events that the student council has organized with the help of faculty members.

While interviewing a teacher, Mr. Rimas, at Watertown High about the effect the student council has on the overall student body population, he said, “It varies from year to year. The class officers find out what people want to do. It also affects the school as a whole.” The school government organizes events that effect the whole student body with the organizing of school dances and class trips. It gives students something to look forward to instead of doing the same thing everyday. Doing the same thing can become boring, so the student council makes students enthusiastic about special events that are happening. Each grade has its own yearly event. There are also school events such as the pep ralley that effect the school as a whole. Another teacher, Mrs. Kramer says, “Student council gets people excited about events, but student government can create competition among the grades, which is not [always] a very good thing.”

A continuation of the interview, Mrs. Kramer responded to the question what does the student do for Watertown High by saying, “They organize class events, clothing for each grade so that students who are not on sports teams. The student council works together to organize events for the whole school.”

The student council is a good thing for high schools. The student government has  “no negative effect,” said Headmaster Waston. The student council is, “positive because of the great enthusiasm of the members on student council.” A student council is a way to get the overall school community excited and having students that are thrilled to make the school a better place which makes planning events easier.

Having a student council for the most part has a positive effect on the high school, but as Mrs Kramer says it can create competition between the grades. The student council has a large impact on the overall student body since thay have a say in how to improve the school.