Senioritis Epidemic

It’s that time of year again, when senioritis is spreading among the senior class. Though the seniors feel that the end of the year is so close, there’s still time left. With just April to finish and May to end, the seniors will then be on their way to their last summer before college. The end of the year is the most eventful while the time before college deadlines is the most stressful. The weight of school work is just lifting off their shoulders. It’s okay guys, you can take a breath now. Ahhh!

All seniors past or upcoming ones have and will go through the senior thesis papers. The senior thesis paper is a graduation requirement that all seniors must complete. SAT scores and retakes are just as big of a part during senior year, whether you’re improving your score or choosing to take it for the first time. With all this talk, it is also essential for the seniors to remember to simply not fail. It’s important for seniors to make sure they are not failing any classes, there’s a short stretch until graduation, and failing should not be on the agenda. Credits! Seniors must plan out the courses they take to accumulate enough credits to graduate, the standard 136.

And let’s not forget the college application process, what a stressful thing the common application can be! Once the enter button is pressed it’s done, no going back. Applying and sending scores, grades, recommendation letters takes, well, the majority of senior year. Having to make sure all colleges receive everything and being notified of whether an acceptance letter is mailed your way or not adds to the suspense of just where you will be next year.

It’s also scholarship season, and every senior is out there filling out all applications and whatever scholarships best fit them. With this comes the eventful Awards Night on May 30th, where the seniors will be sitting in anticipation of their names being called or not. Earlier that day is the senior’s slide show and ice cream party, hosted with much generosity by the junior class. The next day is the last day of the senior’s class in High School, once they leave at 2:30, they will no longer attend Watertown High. It is also the pickup time at noon to get their cap and gowns. The night of the last day of the senior’s school year is the night many had anticipated since they knew what it was… PROM! Girls will be getting their hair and makeup done, while the guys will be picking up corsages and putting on their suits and ties. Thankfully, prom night is not the end for the senior class.

The following Wednesday, June 5th, is the class trip to Kimball’s Farm, a day full of fun which will be from four to eight. Four hours for the senior class to bond with one another and remember the laughs and jokes they will reminisce over in their future. Just two days later on the seventh is the graduation for the class of 2013. They will have a rehearsal in the morning and the graduation at 5:30. During the graduation is where speeches will be made and awards for academic achievements will be presented speeches will be given by the Valedictorian, Salutatorian and Class President. Once the names are called for the class of 2013 they will officially be graduates of the Watertown High School, tears will be shed and hugs will be given all around. The most emotional time for meaning, wishing they could have one more day as a High School student but now it’s done… and the all night party is the next event. The all night party thrown every year, sponsored by the PTSO, is a generous gift as the last celebration till it’s realized that once 5:00 am comes, their high school years are finally through!