Watertown High School goes to the polls in mock election!

Students, faculty show surprising splits on what they are supporting in Tuesday’s state races and ballot questions


Raider Times photo / John Rimas

Watertown High students made posters in the Fab Lab in preparation of the school’s mock election Nov. 2, 2018.

Raider Times staff

Watertown High School participated in a mock election on Friday, Nov. 2, 2018, during all three lunches. The students and faculty voted on all three Massachusetts ballot questions, the gubernatorial and senate races, plus a special WHS ballot question on the current WHS policy on limiting cellphone use.

The mock election was sponsored by the WHS Student Council and the civics classes.

Here are the results:

Question 1: Patient/Nurse Limits

Students:  63 Yes, 104 No

Faculty: 12 Yes, 23 No

TOTAL: 75 yes, 127 No

Question 2: Citizens United Ruling

Students: 92 Yes, 64 No

Faculty: 26 Yes, 8 No

TOTAL: 118 Yes, 72 No

Question 3: Transgender Anti-Discrimination Law

Students: 87 Yes, 79 No

Faculty: 31 Yes, 4 No

TOTAL: 118 Yes, 83 No

Special Ballot question: WHS Cellphone Policy

Students: 10 Yes, 156 No

Faculty: 31 Yes, 4 No

TOTAL: 41 Yes, 160 No

Governor’s race

Students: Baker 101, Gonzalez 64

Faculty: Baker 19, Gonzalez 18

TOTAL: 120 Baker, Gonzalez 82

Senate race

Students: Warren 97, Diehl 36, Ayyadurai 34

Faculty: Warren 27, Diehl 6, Ayyadurai 3

TOTAL: Warren 124, Diehl 42, Ayyadurai 37

–Nov. 3, 2018–