The Delights of Autumn


Raider Times photo / Grace Theodore / Word Painter

Art by Grace Theodore

While the cool breeze

Frosts the morning grass

I am still able to feel the warmth

Of the joyful autumn spirit


It’s the little things that make autumn pleasant

Like the steam of hot apple cider on my face

The small candles I place in my jack-o-lantern

The candied apples hard on my teeth

And the leaves that crunch underneath my feet


The trees give back to us every autumn a showcase of colors

I’m reminded

Of how vibrant nature can be

The breeze plays a familiar tune

Harmonizing with the birds’ chirps

The sunset painted with warm tones

Pumpkins sitting idly on the staircases

The autumn world, an orchestra of senses


Sepia, Amber, Scarlet, Crimson

The blur of colors turned into a blank canvas

As the world transitions into a snowy, white globe

And we wait

And wait for next autumn to come

‘Till we can say

“It’s getting dark early again!”


(Published November 2021)