The Cube


Raider Times photo / Grace Theodore / Word Painter

Initial day…

What should I be?

A nerdy persona would be the perfect choice.

A Rubik’s cube to complete the look. 

Maybe I should have brought a book,

Because during first period, taking a test in the caf,

I left my prized possession unattended.

And the culprit pounced!

Once I returned,

I learned,

As far as my eyes could discern,

The cube had disappeared out of thin air.

I was in a great state of despair!

One no test score could repair.

Venting to my friends – “who would do such a thing?”

By instinct, my comrades came to my rescue.

With a stolen magnifying glass,

And a phone recording,

They seized my leads,

To interrogate the masses.

But alas,

No matter how hard they worked,

How many classrooms they got kicked out of,

They could not pin down the Rubik’s thief.

The burglar is still roaming these halls, it seems.

Keep your cubes by your side at all times.

They prey on the unsuspecting, so always remember,

To keep one eye out for cubic crime.


(Published November 2022)