2014 Watertown High School senior award and scholarship winners

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The following is a list of the students honored during Watertown High School’s Junior and Senior Awards Night on May 29, 2014.

Thank you to all of the organizations for their continued generosity and support, and congratulations to all of the honored students.



Alfred Della Paolera Memorial Scholarship

presented by the Della Paolera Family

Adrine Harutunyan, Ashlee Wisniewski


Allied Waste Services Scholarship

presented by Allied Waste

Meri Kalashyan, John Scudder


Anthony R. Grassia — National Honor Cum Laude Scholarship

presented by Arthur J. Brienza

Rebecca Krieger



Anthony S. Ciulla Sr. Memorial Scholarship

presented by Mrs. Anthony Ciulla

Joseph Kelland



Armenian Club

presented by Sonia Tamakian

Arpine Israelyan, Marianna Janikian, Talar Kaya, Arsen Patvakanian



Armenian Women’s Educational Scholarship

presented by Armenian Women’s Educational Club

Adrine Harutunyan



Arthur H. Milano Memorial Scholarship

presented by Marjorie Milano Trust

Erik Antonellis, Connor Crowley, Gregory Dorian



Aurora Pane Memorial Scholarship

presented by the Pane Family

Matthew Banks



Barbara Everett Flores Memorial Scholarship

presented by relatives and friends of Barbara Flores

Cody Hecht



Betsy Ross Good Citizenship Scholarship

presented by Kenneth and Steven Woodland

Alice Elbakian, Thansuda Namsena



Beverly M. DiMascio Scholarship

presented by the DiMascio Family

Daniel D’Amico, Kelly Horan, Joseph Kelland



Century 21 Adams Realty Scholarship

presented by Century 21 Adams Realty

Shawna England, Kyle Rooney



Chamber of Commerce — Barclay Good Citizen Award

presented by Watertown/Belmont Chamber of Commerce

Gregory Dorian



Chamber of Commerce Scholarship

presented by Watertown / Belmont Chamber of Commerce

Michelle Foun



Chamber-in memory of Brenda Fanara

presented by Watertown/Belmont Chamber of Commerce

Adam Albano



Cindy Waldron Cannon Scholarship

presented by Watertown Children’s Theatre

Sarah Gallant



Clifton A. Felton Scholarship

presented by Clifton A. Felton Scholarship Committee

Danielle MacDonald



Cunniff School PTO Scholarship

presented by Cunniff School PTO

Joseph Kelland, Lea Strangio



Domenic Trabucco Memorial Scholarship

presented by Rotary

Connor Crowley, Gregory Dorian



Dora Castrucci Valentine Memorial Scholarship

presented by husband and children of Dora Castrucci Valentine

Marisa Russo



Elayne M. Fontana Memorial Scholarship

presented by the Fontana Family

Jessica Lampasona



Erald Sawyer Scholarship

presented by Lowell School PTO

Francesca Korte



Fred and Mary Parshley Memorial Scholarship

presented by the Parshley Children

Marisa Russo



Friends of Mary Kostikian Scholarship

presented by friends of Mary Kostikian

Gabriella Coppola



Glen R. Mastrangelo Memorial Scholarship

presented by the Mastrangelo Family

Matt Donnell, Dante Flori, Luke Leitner, Jacqueline Russo



H. Nish Boyajian Memorial

presented by Rotary

Matthew Banks



Hai Guin Award

presented by Hai Guin

Marianna Janikian



Hoyt Thurber Scholarship Award

presented by Hoyt Thurber Scholarship Committee

Erik Antonellis, Lea Strangio



Hsü-Balzer Family Drama Award

presented by Eileen Hsü-Balzer

Sarah Gallant



Jack Hahn Music Awards

presented by Fine Arts Advisory Group (Music Boosters)

Daniel Shin, Ashlee Wisniewski



Jessica Craig Memorial Scholarship

presented by Karen Schwartz

Jessica Rodriguez



Jimma Pomponi Scholarship

presented by the Pomponi Family

Cody Hecht, Danielle Keuchkarian



John Phillip Sousa Award

Kevin Ponce



Julie Lynn Aylaian Memorial Scholarship Award

presented by Julie Lynn Aylaian Memorial Scholarship Committee

Rebecca Krieger



Just Be Kind Award

Graphic Connections at the Spoken Tee

Matthew Banks, Patrick Dawson, Danielle MacDonald, Christina Mazzeo



Larkin-Phelps Scholarship

presented by Richard Phelps

James Garbier



Lt. Paul J. Sullivan Scholarships

presented by Lt. Paul J. Sullivan Scholarship Trust

Erik Antonellis, Mary Breen, Connor Crowley, Gregory Dorian, Kelly Horan



Martha A. Fitzpatrick Memorial Scholarship

presented by Michael & Vincenza Vinciullo Charitable Foundation Trust

Michelle Foun



Michael & Vincenza Vinciullo Scholarship

presented by Michael & Vincenza Vinciullo Charitable Foundation Trust

Daniel Austin-Manning



Michael E. Avtges Memorial Award

presented by Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas E. Avtges

Gregory Dorian


Miller/Tracy Children’s Foundation Scholarship

presented by Miller/Tracy Children’s Foundation, Inc.

Lisdeivy Clavijo, Nick Guinta, Thansuda Namsena



Mount Auburn Hospital Nursing Scholarship

presented by Mount Auburn Hospital

Arlin Cimen



Nancy Pipito Memorial Scholarship

presented by Pipito friends and family

Talar Kaya, Thansuda Namsema



National School Orchestra Awards

Gregory Dorian



Paul Bannon Memorial Award

presented by Bannon family and friends

Kevin Arsenault



Peter B. Clough Scholarship

presented by Peter Clough Scholarship Foundation

Kelly Horan



Rotary Merit

presented by Rotary

Erik Antonellis, Alexander Bresnee, Michelle Foun, Melissa Loumi, Daniel Shin, Ashlee Wisniewski



Russell Morgan Memorial

presented by Rotary

Natalia Ortega



Salvatore and Maria Pizzi Family Foundation, Inc.

presented by Salvatore and Maria Pizzi Family Foundation

Alice Elbakian, Edward McCormick



Sgt. Thomas J. Cannalonga — Sons of Italy Visual Arts Award

presented by Thomas J. Cannalonga family/Sons of Italy, Watertown

Isabella Carton



Sloane Scholarship

presented by Arsenal Center for the Arts

Ahmad Taha



Soft Touch Band

presented by Soft Touch Band

Mary Breen



Sons of Italy Scholarship Lodge #1583

presented by Lodge Cornelia dei Gracchi #1583

Francesca Korte



Spiro and Efrosina Christo Memorial Scholarship Fund For English Language Learners

presented by Connie Christo

Lisdeivy Clavijo, Thansuda Namsena, Lucas Oliveria

Stephen Everett Memorial

presented by Rotary

Francesca Korte



Student Speaker Award

presented by Rotary

Rebecca Krieger



Thomas McGovern Scholarship

presented by McGovern family and friends

Kevin Arsenault, Lea Strangio



United Electric Controls Scholarship

presented by United Electric Controls

James Kapotsis



Upit Family Memorial Scholarship

presented by Estate of Marjorie Anne Upit

Shannon Cafua



Watertown Art Association Memorial Scholarship

presented by Watertown Art Association

James Garbier



Watertown Baseball Scholarship

presented by Watertown Baseball League

Eric Tirrell



Watertown Boys Youth Lacrosse

presented by Watertown Boys Youth Lacrosse

Matt Donnell, Joseph Kelland



Watertown Council #155 Memorial Scholarship

presented by WCCI Watertown Knights of Columbus #155

Daniel Shin



Watertown Educators Association Scholarship

presented by Watertown Educators Association

Joseph Kelland, Kyle Rooney



Watertown Girls Softball Scholarship

presented by Watertown Softball League

Jessica Rodriguez



Watertown Girls Youth Lacrosse

presented by Watertown Youth Girls Lacrosse

Jessica Lampasona



Watertown Middle School Memorial Scholarships

presented by Watertown Middle School Staff

Joseph Kelland, Jessica Lampasona, Luke Leitner, Michael Stinehart



Watertown Middle School PTO Scholarship

presented by WMS PTO

Kelly Horan, Danielle MacDonald



Watertown Police Association

presented by Watertown Police Association

Kaitlin Arsenault, Patrick Dawson



Watertown Women’s Club Scholarship

presented by Watertown Women’s Club

Christina Mazzeo



Watertown Yacht Club Memorial Scholarship

presented by Watertown Yacht Club, Inc.

Anet Calisir



Watertown Youth Hockey Scholarship

presented by Watertown Youth Hockey

Dante Flori, Marisa Russo



Watertown Youth Soccer Scholarship

presented by Watertown Youth Soccer League

Cody Hecht, Christina Mazzeo



WHS Athletic Hall of Fame Scholarship

presented by WHS Athletic Hall of Fame

Erik Antonellis, Joseph Kelland, Amanda Porter-Collins, Lea Strangio



WHS Class of 2010

presented by WHS Class of 2010

Erik Antonellis, Gregory Dorian




presented by PTSO

Daniel D’Amico, Marisa Russo



William D. Corbett Scholarship

presented by Lowell School

Anthony Kapotsis



–June 25, 2014–