Candy grams on sale for Valentines Day delivery!

Class of 2021 and #Hope Squad teaming up to run fund-raiser at Watertown High School


Raider Times photo / Raider Times staff

Becket Rhodes talks with Raider Times reporters during a recent interview about the candy grams fund-raiser at Watertown High School.

Raider Times staff

Do you like candy? Or have you always wanted to say something to someone but never have? Well lucky you, candy grams are being sold at lunch and afterschool in the main lobby of Watertown High School!

The candy grams are being sold from Feb. 3-13 and they will be delivered on Valentines Day, Feb. 14. Each one is $1 and features and candy and a personalized note from the sender.

The candy grams are a fund-raiser for two WHS groups. Half of the money raised will go to the Class of 2021 for trips and activities, and the other half will go to the #Hope Squad so it can bring speakers to WHS for SPEAK Week.

According to Becket Rhodes, an adjustment counselor at WHS, #Hope Squad is a club that seeks to educate and provide support for students with mental health issues. She said many students are struggling with depression and anxiety and #Hope Squad hopes to aid these students.

The club started in 2016 and is being led by Ms. Rhodes and Teresa Malone.

Ms. Rhodes said she’s involved with #Hope Squad because she wants students to get support for their problems.

“I also struggled with stuff in the past and felt like there was no one I could go to for support, so I want kids to know there is support and they can get it,” said Ms. Rhodes.

(Story reported and written by Relfa Amador Proano, Dante Greco, Vishan Karunaratne, Selin Kugu, Pierre Paul Labossiere, Tobias Magzelci, Johann Mendez Juliao, and Isabella Nitschke.)

–Feb. 5, 2019–