Michael Boyd lends a helping hand at Watertown High


Raider Times photo / Johann Mendez

When not teaching, Michael Boyd runs the comic, graphic novel, and animation club at Watertown High.

Johann Mendez, Raider Times staff

Michael Boyd is a teacher’s aide at Watertown High School. In the beginning, Mr. Boyd wanted to help young people in the juvenile system, but he decided to instead help young people at school. He believes that students just need someone to listen to them and help sort out their problems. He also helps when he can with teachers and with any computer problems. The only challenges Mr. Boyd has faced over the years is dealing with some difficult students.

“Even though a student may behave badly, I’m still glad to help them out so they can look back on it and be glad that someone was trying to help understand them,” he said.

Mr. Boyd also runs the comic, graphic novel, and animation club at Watertown High that meets in the lecture hall every Friday. He was approached by students to be the club advisor and he accepted because he has been a comic book fan since the third grade. He views the club as a good place for students to chat about stuff they enjoy that not everyone enjoys.

Mr. Boyd is a guy who understands students and tries to help them any way he can.

–March 8, 2019–