Book Club starts exciting new chapter at Watertown High School


Raider Times photo / Courtesy Erin Piazza

Members of the Book Club at Watertown High School pose before a meeting this fall.

Fathima Perez-Cordero, Raider Times staff

Looking for the best club at Watertown High School … What club may that be? It’s the book club!

For people who love reading, the book club is the place for you. Why? Because having conversations about the book you’re reading while sharing a treat with your friends is always fun. 

“I would encourage anyone who is interested to join even if you don’t love reading but are looking to get into it!” says Emma Fallon, a Watertown High School senior who’s been in the book club since her sophomore year. 

Emma tells the Raider Times that she loves to hear and talk to her friends about what they think about the books they read.

“I get excited when I know there is a book club meeting because I know it’s going to be laid back, but intriguing,” Emma explains.

“I like hearing what kids are reading!” Erin Piazza, the founder of the Book Club and the high school librarian adds.

After receiving a grant, Ms. Piazza was able to start up the Book Club, something that she’d been wanting to do for eight years since she joined Watertown High School. And the kids get to keep their books after reading which students enjoy.

The genres of books read by th club members are mostly Realistic Fiction, Mystery, and Science Fiction — but Ms. Piazza says there’s always room for more!

Come join the book club at the library with Ms. Piazza every other Friday after school until 4 p.m., for a nice time with friends to talk about the latest book the club is reading!

–Nov. 22, 2021–