Spirit Week dawns on Watertown High School

School set for eight days of fun, leading up to Pep Rally and Thanksgiving football game


Every year, Watertown High School enjoys Spirit Week, a time dedicated before Thanksgiving vacation for students to get silly and dress up in costumes and outfits they desire. Each day is a special day with specific themes. This year, Spirit Week will happen from Monday, Nov. 18, through Wednesday, Nov. 27.

Monday, Nov. 18, will be Pajama Day, Tuesday, Nov. 19, is Jungle Day, and Wednesday, Nov. 20, is Jersey Day, On Nov. 21 is Throwback Thursday, then it’s Aloha Friday on Nov. 22. The following Monday, Nov. 25, is ‘Merica Day, and Tuesday, Nov. 26, is Dynamic Duo Day, which is a chance to dress up as a classic duo with your friends, such as SpongeBob and Patrick.

Spirit Week ends on the half-day, Wednesday, Nov. 27, with the Pep Rally for the Thanksgiving football game, and each grade wears a certain color dedicated for their grade. Freshmen are expected to wear grey, sophomores red, juniors white, and seniors black. Each grade sits together in the gym and there are many fun events during the event. Students from each grade also play many games that lead up to the tug of war, Seniors vs. Freshmen and Juniors vs. Sophomores.

Qian Yi Titterington, a freshman, said, “It sounds spectacular.”

Lauren Amedio, a 12th-grader and Pride Committee member, said the student group tried to make the days different this year and more accessible. It’s also somewhat changed so that it is not the same five days every year.

Rose Muldrew, another senior, said, “Participate, it’s mad boring when no one does it.” 

I am most excited about Dynamic Duo because I’m excited to plan out the day with a friend.”


Lauren added to that statement by talking about how awkward it is to be the only one dressed up. Both Lauren and Rose seemed excited to have Spirit Week, and very much wanted everyone at Watertown High to participate.

Arkady Varzhapetian, a ninth-grader, said that he is excited for Spirit Week and that he hopes that everyone is going to participate. He said he doesn’t like Throwback because “It’s going to be weird” and that he doesn’t think that lots of people are going to participate in that one. However, he does like the idea of “Welcome to the Jungle” because he’s interested in what people are going to do for it.

For the ninth-graders, it is their first Spirit Week and most of them don’t know what to expect. 

“I wouldn’t say most people know about Spirit Week,” said ninth-grader Brianna Cooper. “I haven’t heard anyone talk about it.”

When 37 students were randomly surveyed about which day they were most excited for and which day they were least excited for, the results were fairly surprising. Students’ excitement seems divided, which means we can look forward to fun outfits from at least a few people everyday.

The favorites were Dynamic Duo (13 students), Jersey Day (8), Aloha Friday (6), Pajama Day (4),  ‘Merica Day (3), Throwback Day (2), and one said they were most excited for the Pep Rally.

“I am most excited about Dynamic Duo because I’m excited to plan out the day with a friend,” said ninth-grader Adrianna Benites.

Planning a different outfit for every day is a challenge.”


Brianna Cooper added, “Pajama Day is most exciting for me. I love to wear lazy clothes. It makes me more comfortable during the day.

“I’ve planned for Twin and America Day so far, and I’m gonna try to plan for the rest,” she added, excitedly.

“I’m most excited for Jersey Day,” said ninth-grader Robbie Iannetta. “I feel like jerseys look really cool and I have many jerseys as well.”  

He also said the word hadn’t spread yet.

“No, most people don’t know about Spirit Week,” he said. “They haven’t done a good enough job of telling people.” 

For the least favorites, Jungle Day was the choice of 27 students, with Throwback Day getting five votes, two said Pajama Day, one said Aloha Friday, one said Jersey Day, and one said the Pep Rally itself! 

Pajama Day is most exciting for me. I love to wear lazy clothes. It makes me more comfortable during the day.”


Jungle Day is the most eye-catching day for ninth-grader Johanna Hernandez.

“I don’t like Spirit Week due to the fact that I’m not so creative,” she said. “Planning a different outfit for every day is a challenge. 

According to several students, it is difficult to find attire for certain days because many people don’t own any animal print clothing or any clothing from a different decade. Also, many people are opposed to buying an item to wear once and never use again.

“I’m not going to really dress up for every day cause not only is it silly, but I don’t have the materials and clothing for it,” said a sophomore. 

Among the adults, physics teacher Matt Rose is not very excited for Spirit Week — specifically, Dynamic Duo Day because he does not have a partner to dynamically duo up with.

“It makes me sad,” he said.

But Mr. Rose also mentioned, ‘If you’re happy, I’m happy ’cause that’s enough for me.”

–Nov. 15, 2019–