What the hell did I just read?

You will never be more astounded by this new book by David Wong

Carolina Pesqueira, Raider Times Staff

“What The Hell Did I Just Read” is literally the name of a book written by David Wong. This novel revolves around three friends who recently graduated high school and didn’t go to college, remaining in a small town without a given name. They consider themselves supernatural terminators and are after a specific creature for the whole book.

The book cover of “What The Hell Did I Just Read” by David Wong

The beginning was very confusing and it was hard to determine what was going on, but for some reason it keeps the reader reading. Toward the middle of the book things get very intriguing, giving the drive to know what will happen next and surprising the reader many times, but unfortunately it got somewhat predictable close to the end. There was a moment where I just wanted to finish the book because there were so many events that didn’t fix anything or reveal anything about the main point,  it became boring to read.

“What The Hell Did I Just Read” was hilarious in all the wrong ways. There was a lot of inappropriate, and at times, disturbing vocabulary. The images and events portrayed made you question humanity’s existence and value, all the while doubting what was reality and fantasy.

One thing the writer did well is make the reader believe that what happened in the book is something that happened or is happening in real life. It certainly is a book for a very specific group of people and definitely not for children or seniors. Only people with a somewhat sick sense of humor would be interested in this book and can be classified for the teenagers and people in their early twenties.

It is highly inappropriate for most people I believe, and even insulting at times. Humanity is viewed very badly in “What The Hell Did I Just Read” and it will make you think, but it is irrelevant to anything remotely informative or related to the real world. It is a read-for-fun type of book.

I wouldn’t read it again, but I do not regret reading it. Read it at your own risk.

–Jan. 11, 2018–