Everyone already knows new ninth-grader’s name


Raider Times photo / Emma Fallon

Ninth-grader Johnny Cacace -- son of varsity coach John Cacace -- is familiar with the Raiders football team, but new to Watertown High this year.

Henry Broadstone, Raider Times staff

Johnny Cacace is probably best known for his last name as he is the Watertown High football coach’s son.

Sometimes he quite likes being the coach’s son because he gets to talk about the previous game with the head coach. But sometimes he doesn’t love being the son of the coach because if he does something wrong in the game he is going to hear about it, which can be a little added pressure for him.

One thing that is true for Johnny that is not true for many people at Watertown High is that he lives in Waltham. He doesn’t love that because on half-days he can’t go home because he doesn’t live in town.

While he doesn’t like not living in Watertown, he prefers going to Watertown High because he thinks people are generally nicer at Watertown High. He also said that when he was making the decision to come to Watertown High for ninth grade, it was easy because he had been around the school for a long time. When asked if football was a part of the decision, he said no, not at all.

Another thing that you may have seen Johnny doing is helping his dad with the playbook on the sideline. He really enjoys that and he says it’s a lot of fun. He said that he knows about 95 percent of the playbook.

Johnny also plays basketball and baseball, but football is his favorite sport. The way he describes how he fits in with the locker room is by describing himself as a leader because he knows more than most kids do about the game.

Johnny, while being an important part of the football team, is also a new kid. Johnny has said that being the new kid is “a little weird,” but overall he likes having a fresh start.

When asked about the school environment at Watertown High compared with his old school, he said that it’s a much better environment. He also talked about how he keeps up with his friends, which is a struggle for many people who switch school environments.

One of the ways he keeps up with his old friends is by seeing them in his town. While he enjoys seeing his old friends, he wished he could see them more, but it’s difficult because of the balance between school, friends, sports, and old school friends.

–Oct. 4, 2019–