Splash of Flavor 2017: Breakfast Combo Platter at Uncommon Grounds


Raider Times photo / Carolina Pesqueira

The breakfast combo platter at Uncommon Grounds in Watertown.

Carolina Pesqueira, Raider Times staff

Have you ever had trouble making the decision of wanting something sweet or salty for breakfast?

On a lovely Sunday morning, I had the pleasure of visiting Uncommon Grounds for breakfast with friends. Not just having great company made it an awesome day, but the food on Uncommon Grounds is hands down the best breakfast I have ever had.

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Uncommon Grounds is located on Mount Auburn Street in Watertown. If you go to the Uncommon Grounds, you must get a latte to start and wake you up. It is a rich coffee flavor, with a hint of cream and sugar that can be tasted but does not consume the coffee flavor.

If you are not a coffee person there is always the delicious option of a hot chocolate instead. The hot chocolate is not your typical chocolate bag with boiled milk or water, you can taste the quality on this one adding a nice design on the top.

I, for one, am a French toast rather than pancakes person in the morning, accompanied by eggs and bacon. But if someone were to disagree with my combination, luckily the Breakfast Combo Platter is made according to anyone’s request.

The Breakfast Combo Platter provides eggs made the way you want, a side of bacon, ham, or sausage, and home fries. It also gives you the option of French toast, waffles, or pancakes.

The French toast is great, not burned or soggy, and the fries are well done, powdered with garlic salt for flavor. The bacon is always good and the eggs are to your liking. Not only is it a very fulfilling plate, but it satisfies your indecision with type of flavor.

The place is always packed, which has to say something, and calling beforehand to make a reservation is recommended because there are always people waiting outside for seats.

Indecision is now satisfied with the help of a great breakfast from Uncommon Grounds.

(Uncommon Grounds, 575 Mount Auburn St., Watertown, http://www.myuncommongrounds.com/.)

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–Dec. 20, 2017 —