2019 Watertown High School senior award and scholarship winners

Raider Times staff

The following is a list of students honored during Watertown High School’s Senior Awards and Scholarship Night on May 30, 2019.

Thank you to all of the organizations for their continued generosity and support, and congratulations to all of the honored students.

Academic Excellence — Class of 2019

Joshua Theodore (Valedictorian), Nathan Follett (Salutatorian), Lucia Capone, Lauren Cole, Emily Danielian, Julia Farry, Albert Foun, Marissa Gorman, Julia Greim, Meron Hagos, Yoseph Hamad, Catherine Holt, Gabriella Venezia, Justin Viasus, and Christine Zhu

Outstanding Achievement in Arabic

Lucia Capone

WHS Wayshak Fab Lab Award for Digital Design and Resilience

Marco Libertini

WHS Wayshak Fab Lab Award for Creativity and Design

Levon Haroutunian

Principal’s Student Achievement Award

Honor Petrie

Massachusetts Elks Scholarship, Inc. 

Kristen Tracy

Kevin Fitzgerald Scholarship

Christopher Iannetta and Kristen Tracy

Direct Federal Credit Union’s Values in Practice Scholarship

Lauren Cole

Direct Federal Credit Union’s Values in Practice Scholarship

Garo Melkonian and Hina Rafiq

Arsenal Center for the Arts — Sloane Scholarship

Vishan Karunaratne

WHS Wayshak Fab Lab Award for Problem Solving and Big Ideas

Derrick Lwanjo

William C. Powell, Jr. Memorial Scholarship

Christopher Iannetta 

Upit Family Memorial Scholarship

Lucia Capone

Outstanding Achievement in Sciences — AP Environmental Science

Trevor Russo

Outstanding Achievement in Sciences — AP Biology

Meron Hagos

Outstanding Achievement in Sciences — Anatomy & Physiology

Michael Case

WHS P.T.S.O. Scholarship

Elizabeth Allen, Justin Viasus, Christopher Iannetta, and Kristen Tracy

Watertown Women’s Club Scholarship

Bryan Ferreira and Honor Petrie

Watertown Knights of Columbus Council #155 Memorial Scholarship

Marissa Gorman

United Electric Controls Scholarship

Joshua Theodore

Spiro and Efrosina Christo Memorial Scholarship For ELL

Giovanni Antenor, Bryan Ferreira, and Sourin Simonyan

Site Council

Bandna Kaur

Miller/Tracy Children’s Foundation Scholarship

Emily Furtado, Nick Nardone, Christopher Peterson, and Alessandra Solari

Middle School Memorial Scholarship — Oates

Nicholas McDermott

Middle School Memorial Scholarship — Mooney

Christine Zhu

Middle School Memorial Scholarship — Laughrea

Julia Farry and Kristen Tracy

Middle School Memorial Scholarship — Burns

Catherine Holt

Fleming Scholarship Fund

Hina Rafiq and Sourin Simonyan

Erald Sawyer Scholarship

Lauren Cole

Belmont Pharmacy Scholarship

Robert Leonard

Anthony R. Grassia — National Honor Society/ Cum Laude Scholarship

Melanne Ghahraman

Allison Donovan Memorial Scholarship

Meghan Burns

Allied Waste Services

Catherine Holt and Trevor Russo

Alfred Della Paolera Memorial Scholarship

Christopher Iannetta and Phen Sarles

Watertown Educators Association Scholarship

William Duggan, Nicholas McDermott, Maxwell Nadeau, and Liam Rimas

Community Service Century Award

Mary Cimen, Peter Athanasopoulos, Anthony Chebli, David Danielian, Emily Danielian, Shannon Dunn, Bryan Ferreira, Nathan Follett, Melanne Ghahraman, Yoseph Hamad, Catherine Holt, Christopher Iannetta, Jhonatan Inacio, Shariel Joseph, Ruben Karapetyan, Bandna Kaur, Eva Khalil, Sajjad Khan, Selin Kugu, Neila Magliore, Michael Manoukian, Emma McGoldrick, Marcus Moore, Kate Myler, Irene Nagawa, Haralambos Papadopoulos, Miten Patel, Abigail Peterson, Honor Petrie, and  Kristen Tracy

Beatrice Leeder Community Service Award

Ashley Lopez-Vasquez


Rotary Merit Scholarship

Meron Hagos, Christine Zhu, Levon Haroutunian, and Kristen Tracy

Rotary Club of Watertown — Domenic “Dick” Trabucco Memorial Scholarship

Christopher Iannetta and Olivia Lampasona

Rotary Club of Watertown — Student Speaker Award

Sukeina Attar

Rotary Club of Watertown — H. Nish Boyajian Memorial

Neila Magloire


Watertown Yacht Club Memorial Scholarship

Elizabeth Allen

Jimma Pomponi Scholarship

Christopher Iannetta and Shannon Munger

Setrak and Anne DerBoghosian Memorial Scholarship

Mary Boyaian and Andrew Hayek

Frank T. Capaldi Memorial Scholarship

Christopher Iannetta and Kristen Tracy

Hoyt Thurber Scholarship Award

Nathan Follett and Gabriella Venezia

Paul Bannon Memorial Award

Christopher Iannetta

English Language Arts Award — 12th Grade (L1)

Dante Greco, Madani Seyedsepehr, and Malovich Tyler

English Language Arts Award — 12th Grade (H)

Justin Viasus

English Language Arts Award — 12th Grade (AP)

Nathan Follett

Music Book Award — Excellence in Strings

Christine Zhu

National School Orchestra Award

Neila Magloire

National Choral Award

Daniel Van Ryn

John Philip Sousa Band Award

Lucy Capone

Nancy Pipito Memorial Scholarship

Elizabeth Allen and Lucia Capone

Music Book Award — Excellence in Concert Band

Robbie Leonard and Trevor Russo

Music Book Award — Excellence in Chorus

Phen Sarles

Jack Hahn Music Scholarship — Strings

Meron Hagos

Jack Hahn Music Scholarship — Chorus

Marcela Lopez-Romero

Jack Hahn Music Scholarship — Band

Catherine Holt

Art Book Award — Excellence in Photography

Trevor Russo

Art Book Award — Excellence in Graphic Design

Marco Libertini

Art Book Award — Excellence in 2 Dimension

Noah Ferraresso and Millena Szytko

Adobe Photoshop Certification

Samuel Mikulka

Outstanding Achievement in Sciences — Introduction to Medical Sciences

Anthony Chebli

Outstanding Achievement in Sciences — Astronomy

Aria Aghee

Outstanding Achievement in Sciences — AP Physics C

Justin Viasus

VHS Scholarship Award

Catherine Holt

Radio/Television — Lending A Hand

Abigael Peterson

Family & Consumer Sciences — Best All Around

Irene Nagawa

Engineering — Take the Lead

Graeme Kelleher

Construction Technology — Take the Lead

Olivia Lampasona

Career & Technical Education — Edward J. Francis, Jr. Memorial Award for Excellence in CTE

Julia Farry

Business — Team Player

Maxwell Juscen

Victor N. Loukas Memorial Scholarship

Christopher Iannetta

World War ll Scholarships

Max Bunnell and Brett Sutherland

Social Studies Departmental Award — Psychology

Danie VanRyn

Social Studies Departmental Award — Honors Psychology

Marissa Gorman

Social Studies Departmental Award — Honors Law

Trevor Russo

Social Studies Departmental Award — Civics

Christopher Iannetta

Social Studies Departmental Award — AP Psychology

Lucy Capone

Peter B. Clough Scholarship

Honor Petrie

Watertown Police Association Scholarship in memory of Sonny Whooley

Christopher Peterson

Watertown Police Association Scholarship

Jaylene DeJesus and Shannon Munger

Physical Education Award

Shannon Hughes and Luke Murphy

Video Production Awards (WCA-TV)

Ava Grillo, Diana Margaryan, and Abigael Peterson

School Committee Recognition

Olivia Lampasona and Honor Petrie

Agnes Barry Memorial Nursing Scholarship

Sukeina Attar

Tom McGovern Scholarship

Andrew Hayek and Abigael Peterson

Frank Peros Memorial Scholarship

Catherine Holt

Lt. Paul J. Sullivan Scholarship

Christopher Iannetta, Nicolas McDermott, and Gabriella Venezia

Hsu-Balzer Family Drama Award

Julia Greim

Beverly DiMascio Scholarship

Catherine Connors, Julia Farry, and Olivia Lampasona

Dora Castrucci Valentine Memorial Scholarship

Gabrielle Nolan

Watertown High School Mathematics Teacher Award 2019

Jose Aguilar, Sukeina Attar,  Marlena Hache, Juliana Lavery, Sepehr Madani, Tyler Malovich, Shayla Neal, Shelby Pirozzi, Joshua Theodore, and  Christine Zhu

Martha Fitzpatrick Memorial Scholarship

Nathan Follett

Drama Book Award — Excellence in Drama

Melanne Ghahraman

Arthur H. Milano Memorial Scholarship

Meron Hagos, Marcela Lopez-Romero, and Kate Myler

Anthony S. Ciulla Sr. Memorial Scholarship

Christopher Iannetta

Friends of Mary Kostikian Scholarship

Catherine Connors

Century 21 Adams Lawndale Scholarship

Patrick Corbett and Ruben Karapetyan

Sgt. Thomas J. Cannalonga/ Sons of Italy Visual Arts Award

Niki Hamidi

Rotary Club of Watertown — Stephan C. Everett Award

Gabriella Venezia

Rotary Club of Watertown — Lt. Paul J. Sullivan Scholarship

Catherine Connors and Bryan Ferreira

William D. Corbett Scholarship

Kristen Tracy

Watertown Middle School PTO Scholarship

Honor Petrie and Kristen Tracy

R.E.A.C.H. Award

Emily Furtado, Piper Hadley, Christopher Iannetta, and Mary Cimen

Michael & Vincenza Vinciullo Scholarship

Justin Viasus

Glen R. Mastrangelo Memorial Scholarship

Emma McGoldrick and Luke Murphy

Aurora Pane Memorial Scholarship

Ehsan Yaqhubi

Salvatore and Maria Pizzi Foundation Scholarship

Hagop Yazjian

WHS Pride Committee

Shannon Hughes, Max Bunnell, Julia Farry, Emily Furtado, Gabrielle Nolan, and Christopher Peterson

Isgouhi Khalarian Memorial Scholarship

Emily Danielian

Outstanding Achievement in Spanish

Catherine Holt

Outstanding Achievement in Italian

Marissa Gorman


Outstanding Achievement in Armenian

Garo Melkonian

Michael E. Avtges Memorial Award

Michael Manoukian

Watertown Art Association Scholarship

Lauren Cole and Vishan Karunaratne

Cindy Waldron Cannon Scholarship

Melanne Ghahraman

John Hayward Scholarship

Piper Hadley, Reem Hussein, and Honor Petrie

Class of 1949

Giovannie Antenor and Marlena Hache

Armenian Relief Society Leola Sassouni Scholarship

Mary Cimen

Heather Zarkardas Memorial Lacrosse Scholarship

Lauren Cole, Shannon Hughes, Honor Petrie, and Gabriella Venezia

Watertown Boys Youth Lacrosse

Joseph Biagiotti and Luke Murphy

Jerry Cinar Athletic Scholarship

Michael Manoukian

Watertown Youth Basketball Scholarship

Emily Furtado, Christopher Iannetta, Diana Margaryan, and Haralambos Papadopolous

Watertown Softball Scholarship

Kate Myler and Christine Zhu

Watertown Baseball Scholarship

Christopher Iannetta and Nicolas McDermott

Watertown Youth Soccer

Catherine Holt, Christopher Iannetta, Luke Murphy, and Justin Viasus

WHS Athletic Hall of Fame Scholarship — Watertown Youth Hockey

Luke Murphy

WHS Athletic Hall of Fame Scholarship

Yoseph Hamad, Olivia Lampasona, and Honor Petrie

WHS Athletic Hall of Fame Scholarship — in memory of Norma Ciccarelli

Henry Papadopoulus

WHS Athletic Hall of Fame Scholarship — Bob Kaprelian (Founder’s Award)

Mange Camara

WHS Athletic Hall of Fame Scholarship — Art Venezia

Shannon Dunn

WHS Athletic Hall of Fame Scholarship — Sal Ciccarelli Memorial Award

Christine Zhu


–June 25, 2019–